The car has long since been there for more than just getting a person from point A to point B. Nowadays it is a mobile control centre that provides the driver with personalised feature-based live routes with real-time information and uses all information available from social networks upon request.

These infotainment systems are no longer a future vision. At our development centre, Preh Car Connect develops the most modern technologies for the greatest possible comfort while driving and has been providing navigation and connectivity in series installations for noteworthy automotive companies for decades.


In total, around 1,200 employees are working at 8 worldwide locations. The headquarters and central R&D location of the company is situated in Dresden. There are further development sites in San Carlos in the San Francisco Bay Area and in the Chinese Shanghai. The products are manufactured at the certified production plants in Dippach (in the German state Thuringia) and Oborniki in Poland. More sites of Preh Car Connect have been established near the customer locations.


The core expertise is primarily in the complete development of complex and scalable head units, whereby the development of IP and software solutions, for example Software Defined Radio or navigation platforms, are each becoming increasingly significant. This is supplemented by a seemingly endless range of connectivity.

The seamless exchange of data from the vehicle environment using mobile devices such as Smart phones and hands-free units is becoming increasingly more important and networking beyond the limits of the vehicle is also expanding. Thus, in the future, devices from the consumer electronics sector will not just be incorporated in the vehicle environment, but the vehicle will become part of the personal home network instead. The Telematik division expands the comprehensive communications even further by enabling data exchange with the cloud and by providing the ability to control vehicle functions remotely or from home, all over a mobile phone.


Preh Car Connect works as an automotive supplier in cooperative research projects on synchronous mobility and V2X communication.